Savannah was born Shannon Michelle Wilsey Longoria on October 9, 1970, in Mission Viejo, CA. She was one of the adult industry’s most celebrated stars. Savannah was truly a goddess in her own right and during her time there was nobody bigger or more infamous as a porn star. She was Savannah … a full-blown, mega porn star that burned too bright and eventually burned out. Savannah killed herself on July 11, 1994.

Savannah has won the following adult industry awards ….

  • 1992 AVN Best New Starlet
  • 1996 AVN Hall Of Fame

Savannah began her career in the adult industry in 1990. Her first year in the business she did a few roles but it was in 1991 that things really changed for Savannah. It was this year that Savannah signed a contract with Vivid and her career exploded. This was during the time of the first Gulf War and Savannah had posed nude near tanks and fighter jets which she claimed was an effort to boost the morale of deployed US military forces. The media attention she got from it didn’t go unnoticed by movie stars and rock stars. She was in a relationship with Vince Neil, Billy Idol, with whom she once bragged as having had sex a half-dozen times in a single evening, and both Slash and Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses.

Some call Savannah the pure definition of a porn goddess, blonde and beautiful, and loves to fuck. She’s is tall, with long legs and drop-dead looks and she makes you believe she really wants to be with you instead of the person she’s with on camera. Savanna seemed to be destined for fame … well at least fuck famous people. Before she was even a porn star, she lived with musician Gregg Allman for nearly two years (before the age of seventeen), became pregnant but was said to have lost the baby due to a miscarriage. After breaking up with Gregg Allman, she moved in with Billy Sheehan, bassist for rock group Mr. Big. They broke up in about 1990 and that is when Savanna began working as a nude model and porn actress.

At the time of her death, Savannah was rumored to be dating Pauly Shore, who at the time was said to really be in love with her but his parents said NO WAY NO HOW that being linked to such a famous porn star would hurt his career too much. Savanna was depressed from her breakup with her girlfriend Jeanna Fine, her boyfriend Pauly Shore, and her serious debt. Despite all the money she was making, she was spending way too much, and doing drugs no doubt didn’t help.

Around 2 a.m. on July 11, 1994, Savannah drove herself and a male friend, Jason Swing, home from a night of partying. According to reports, both were intoxicated. One block from Savannah’s home, she drove her Corvette into a fence, suffering lacerations to her face and breaking her nose. When she and Swing got to her house, she sent him out to walk her Rottweiler, Daisy. Savannah called her friend and manager Nancy Pera and hysterically begged her to come to help her. When Pera arrived, she found Savannah lying in a pool of blood but still breathing. She had apparently shot herself with a 9mm handgun she kept in her home. After almost 11 hours in a coma, she died at 11:20 a.m. on July 11, 1994, at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank, California. After her death, Savannah’s family swapped angry public statements of the blame with her friends in the porn industry. Police investigators concluded that she was deeply depressed due to several factors, including her drug use, financial difficulties, and failed relationships. The accident in which she sustained injuries that might have seriously hurt her career, police theorized, was the final factor that led her to take her own life.

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